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protein-chart1.pngLife will undoubtedly present unforeseen challenges. And while you may not be able to avoid these events, you can prepare for them. A ready source of protein is critical to health and forms one of the foundational components of a sustainable diet. Cold Forty Acres™ draws upon decades of working in the soybean industry, including the rapidly growing edible soybean sector, to bring to this market one of the most excellent good grade soybeans. We believe these particular edible soybeans are the premium high protein emergency food supply on the market. These great tasting, non-GMO soybeans pack twice as much protein compared to other long-term edible beans. This means, in only one small serving your body obtains 18 grams of plant-based protein making it one of the highest sources of protein available per serving. Each durable bucket contains an incredible 295 servings! From the shadows of the Ouachita mountains to the low sunsets of the Delta farmlands, Arkansas has some of the richest, most productive ground in the country.  Cold Forty Acres™ premium grains are brought to you from the natural fields of Arkansas to your table.  Premium. Non-GMO.  High Protein.  Edible Soybeans.

  • Plant-Based, High Protein Contingency Food Supply
  • One of the Highest Sources of Protein Available Per Serving
  • Up to 2X the Protein of Comparable Long Term Edible Beans
  • 18g of Plant-Based Protein in One Small Serving
  • Up to 15 Year Shelf Life
  • Durable 5-Gallon Unit Contains 28lbs of High Protein Soybeans
  • 295 Servings in Each Container
  • Great Tasting & Easy to Prepare 

Shelf Life: Actual shelf life is variable based on storage conditions utilized.  However, unopened product should stay edible and durable for up to 15 years when stored continuously, unopened, in a cool, dry room at temperatures between 50-70 F.  Recommendations are that product be used within six months after opening. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’m not familiar with soybeans as a consumable product, what are some common soyfoods?

    Answer: Edible soybeans actually form the foundational basis for diet in many parts of the world.  From soy sauce to tofu to edamame and soymilk (and beyond), there are literally dozens of different types of primary soyfoods, excluding the enormous numbers of soy found in ingredient lists.  

  2. What are some common foods that contain soy ingredients?

    Answer: We actually eat some form of soy every day because of how widespread soy ingredients are throughout our food product world.  Some of the most common are vegetable oils, cooking sprays, mayonnaise, ketchup, salad dressings, chips, crackers, peanut butter, ice cream, yogurts, breads, cereals and tortillas.  And this is just a partial list.  

  3. Should I be concerned about soy allergies?

    Answer: Soy allergies are, in fact, not that common.  However, if you have a known allergy to soy or soy ingredients, you should avoid food products that contain soy. 

  4. Are soy products good for you health.

    Answer: In general, most research points to excellent benefits from consuming soy, especially based on heart health of countries where soy is consumed practically on a daily basis.  In fact, historically, the FDA has recommended 25 gms of soy protein per day to help reduce the risk of heart disease (for example).  

  5. I’m unfamiliar with soybeans in food preparation, what is the best way to prepare?

    Answer: Actually, soybeans are some of the most versatile of the legumes.  Dry soybeans can be prepared, simply, in much the same way as dry pinto or navy beans (for example).  A long (or quick) soak (see label) will provide the texture to boil these where flavoring (bacon or ham, for example) can be used to create a side dish as you would other dry beans.  It’s important to note that flavor and tenderness can be made to your taste as you prepare.  Soy snacks (baked) can also be created by microwaving or oven baking.  And, of course, soymilk and tofu (for example) can be prepared from dry soybeans.  Numerous sites can be found online on edible soybean preparations including a wonderful section found here (Soy Recipes - The Miracle Bean).

  6. Why should I buy soybeans as opposed to pinto or other dry bulk beans?

    Answer: Rather than replacements, these provide variety in one’s well stocked emergency food store and bring a nutritional powerhouse component to the portfolio stock.  In fact, the overall nutritional benefits of Cold Forty Acres bulk edible soybeans are difficult to replace. With a protein content that can be up to 100% greater than other bean types, these offer a unique, stable, low-cost, long-lasting alternative to other protein sources, without necessarily all of the high fat or calorie content found in other bean types.

  7. Are the buckets or pails sealed?

    Answer: Yes, all of our beans are carefully packaged inside resealable mylar food-grade bags with 1,800 cc’s of oxygen absorbing packets. All of this is packed inside a premium quality FDA compliant square 5 gallon bucket. The lid contains a seal to offer additional protection for the soybeans. They’re easy to stack and store and should provide for durable, long term storage. 

  8. Do the buckets contain oxygen absorbers?

    Answer: Yes, 1,800 cc’s worth of oxygen scavenging packets are placed inside the beans in each pail. These should be removed after opening the beans.

  9. How long will it take for the beans to ship to me?

    Answer: We keep a running inventory of ready-to-ship beans on hand and synchronized to our inventory management system on the website. This means that they should ship from our facility within 24 - 72 hours.

  10. Do these store as long as dry pintos (or similar beans)?

    Answer: Soybeans, unlike pinto beans, are considered a high oil bean so the shelf life is not as durable.  However, the protein content in soybeans is far superior to other dry beans and the shelf life, if stored properly, can last for several years-providing a very adequate component for durable food supplies in case of emergencies.  And, as emphasized, the caloric and protein content is perfect for filling in gaps or providing much needed emergency supplies.

  11. bucket.png

    Where do you source your edible soybeans?

    Answer: Our edible soybean has been specifically developed to have high protein and excellent flavor.  The agronomics of the bean also make it especially suitable for production in the Mid-South, such as Arkansas.  We don’t pull in unknown sources of soybeans.  We produce our own edible soybean seed from a known variety, and oversee production from land preparation to harvest and beyond.  We understand and know every detail of our product from beginning to end.  

  12. What does it mean that your soybeans are ‘Non GMO’?

    Answer: Our edible soybean(s) are considered Non GMO, meaning they are NOT genetically modified.  They have been developed using traditional and historical breeding techniques. 

  13. Do edible soybeans really have superior protein content?

    Answer: Yes, in fact, soybeans are one of the best and highest sources of plant based proteins.  Far more, per serving, than some of the more traditional legumes (for example).  100 grams (about 3 oz) of our excellent Cold Forty Acres edible soybeans will give you more than 40 grams of protein.  

  14. I see a purple(ish) seed on occasion, should I be concerned?

    Answer: Not at all, this is very common in soybeans and other legumes.  Our recommendations are to wash the dry beans well before preparing.  

  15. I see bits of stone or sticks on occasion, should I be concerned?

    Answer: This is very common in bulk dried beans. As with any other shelf stable and bulk dry bean, it is always recommended that the beans be washed and inspected carefully prior to cooking and consumption.

  16. Can I plant these seed?

    Answer: We don’t recommend planting the seed as soybeans will lose the ability to germinate after a relatively short time.

  17. Why can’t I get soybeans from a farmer or local grain supply company or elevator?

    Answer: Certainly, all soybeans can be consumed but some are much more palatable.  Commodity soybeans (e.g. the more than 99% of soybeans grown) are typically not recommended for human consumption for a number of reasons including; 1) they are usually not cleaned that well, but are ‘combined’ cleaned out of the field; 2) the vast majority of commodity beans are GMO (genetically modified) while ours is Non GMO (non genetically modified); 3) commodity soybeans have a much more ‘beany’ taste that has been bred out in our edible soybeans, making Cold Forty Acres edible soybeans far, far more appetizing; and 4) commodity soybean can sometimes cause mild digestive issues due to the presence of a particular inhibitor in the beans.  Cold Forty Acres edible soybeans does NOT have that inhibitor because it has been bred out, thus none of the mild digestive issues found in commodity soybeans.  Our edible soybeans have truly been developed to provide the best of both worlds….delicious taste and a health powerhouse.


Cold Forty Acres™

We understand the challenging times in which we live.  Perhaps more than any other period in our lives, we need to be prepared for the unpredictable.  In fact, few times have we seen, in particular in recent years, the level of obvious concern to us and our families for what seems to be unfolding around us on a daily basis regarding the economy, our institutions and/or the general stability of our culture.  And while we are not to be wholly dictated by circumstances and events, it is both practical and common sense to prepare for the unpredictable.  It’s the prudent direction for your family. 

Cold Forty Acres™ Edible Grains wants to provide that extra layer of food security for you and your family.  By having an emergency supply of our edible soybeans, you can have a higher level of confidence in your preparatory food store’s portfolio to provide ample calories and protein for an extended period.  Our edible soybeans are durable, extremely high protein, versatile and delicious.  They are a nutritional powerhouse, even in small portions.  We encourage everyone to be diligent and prepared.  Cold Forty Acres™ can help.


We have great respect for the land and understand the significance of what sustains life.  In fact, historically, the adage that “All of life can be summed up in the top six inches of the earth” rings very true.  That productive top line of soil allows all of life to exist.  Our productive land.  The base of all of our food supply.  Henry Ford once said "The farther we get away from the land, the greater our insecurity." Cold Forty Acres™ understands the value of our productive soils and oversees the production of our edible soybeans from start to finish.  From seed to harvest.  We know the variety, we know the land.  And we know each step of the way.  

From the rich, productive fields of the classic Arkansas Delta to the winding river bottoms of the Arkansas River Valleys, we bring you the high quality, high protein Cold Forty Acres™ edible soybeans.