Why Prepare?

11th Mar 2022

It's better to have an Emergency Well Pump and not need it...than to need water, and not have it!

Water is essential for life. Are you prepared? Three days without water and humans begin to suffer tremendously. While water is the most abundant resource on earth, it isn't always the most available. An interruption in the supply of potable water can come without warning from loss of pumping power at your well, or within the water system that supplies city or rural water to your family. A power failure could be the result of storms, grid problems, a terror attack, contamination, floods, or fuel interruptions.

The cost of a Flojak Emergency Hand Well Pump Kit is too low to simply hope for the best. 

Other possibilities include broken water mains, draught pump failure, not paying your bills (sorry, just kidding). There are ongoing terror threats to water and food supplies and many other very real possibilities. It is very important that you be prepared. The cost of our hand well pump systems are too low to simply hope for the best.

image006.jpgSome interruptions are short term…Two or three days. It isn't too difficult to store enough water to get by for short periods. In more extreme emergencies, one gallon per person, per day is adequate to survive but a minimum level of normalcy requires 15-20 gallons per person, per day. Other interruptions could last much longer. But even a few hours of water loss will empty the store shelves of bottled water. People who live in more urban areas of the country are unable to rely on an emergency backup system, without access to one of the millions of active or inactive wells that dot the countryside. And without a way to reach the clean water below, filtered naturally by the earth itself, a cool drink may as well be a 1,000 miles away.

Preparation requires planning. Where will your water come from? Will you need to filter it? Can you store it...or carry it? You may be fortunate enough to have an active well...or even an old one on or near your property. If not, you probably have a neighbor or a relative with a well you didn't even know about. It's important to keep your eyes open. If you haven't yet located a couple of accessible wells, keep looking. There are 15 million wells in the United States...2000 new ones every day. There are 3.5 million square miles of land (including bodies of water) in this country. Mathematically, that means there are an average of 4.3 wells per square mile.

image007.jpgYou CAN locate a well, and get permission to use it. It's a part of the responsibility of preparing for your family.

Order your hand well pump as soon as possible. Don't wait until you are without water. It's not worth the risk. For a small investment you can have peace of mind.

Our systems are priced at about half to 1/3 the cost of comparable systems. We did that so that you could afford to own one for your family. Please, don't delay!