Emergency Bulk Food

From the shadows of the Ouachita mountains to the low sunsets of the Delta farmlands, Arkansas has some of the richest, most productive ground in the country.  Cold Forty Acres™ premium grains are brought to you from the natural fields of Arkansas to your table.


We have great respect for the land and understand the significance of what sustains life.  In fact, historically, the adage that “All of life can be summed up in the top six inches of the earth” rings very true.  That productive top line of soil allows all of life to exist.  Our productive land.  The base of all of our food supply.  Henry Ford once said "The farther we get away from the land, the greater our insecurity." Cold Forty Acres™ understands the value of our productive soils and oversees the production of our edible soybeans from start to finish.  From seed to harvest.  We know the variety, we know the land.  And we know each step of the way.


Cold Forty Acres edible soybeans are the premier high protein emergency food supply on the market. These great tasting, non-GMO soybeans pack twice as much protein compared to other long-term edible beans.

Actual shelf life is variable based on storage conditions utilized.  Unopened product should stay edible and durable for up to 15 years when stored continuously, unopened, in a cool, dry room at temperatures between 50-70 F. 

Our edible soybeans are considered Non GMO, meaning they are NOT genetically modified.  They have been developed using traditional and historical breeding techniques.

We produce our own edible soybean seed from a known variety, and oversee production from land preparation to harvest and beyond.  We understand and know every detail of our product from beginning to end.  

We believe these particular edible soybeans are the premium high protein emergency food supply on the market. These great tasting, non-GMO soybeans pack twice as much protein compared to other long-term edible beans. This means, in only one small serving your body obtains 18 grams of plant-based protein making it one of the highest sources of protein available per serving.

Cold Forty Acres™ Premium Long-Grain White Rice is the perfect compliment to our High Protein Soybeans. Would you believe that 4.19 million metric tons of rice are consumed in the United States each year? It’s likely your family contributed to that number. Buying white rice in airtight, waterproof, and bug and rodent proof pails ensures that the white rice you need will stay fresh for decades.

Prepare for the Unpredictable


We understand the challenging times in which we live.  Perhaps more than any other period in our lives, we need to be prepared for the unpredictable.  In fact, few times have we seen, in particular in recent years, the level of obvious concern to us and our families for what seems to be unfolding around us on a daily basis regarding the economy, our institutions and/or the general stability of our culture.  And while we are not to be wholly dictated by circumstances and events, it is both practical and common sense to prepare for the unpredictable.  It’s the prudent direction for your family. 


Cold Forty Acres™ Edible Grains wants to provide that extra layer of food security for you and your family.  By having an emergency supply of our edible soybeans, you can have a higher level of confidence in your preparatory food store’s portfolio to provide ample calories and protein for an extended period.  Our edible soybeans are durable, extremely high protein, versatile and delicious.  They are a nutritional powerhouse, even in small portions.  We encourage everyone to be diligent and prepared.  Cold Forty Acres™ can help.