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Custom Length for EarthStraw "Code Red" Pump System

  • EarthStraw packaging with the items included in a kit.  Shipping and storing carton measures 36" x 36" and a 100 Foot System (for example) weighs less than 20 lbs., making it ideal for storage and transport.
  • EarthStraw System mounted with optional 6" Well Cap with Gripper.  Well Cap is also available for 4" casings.
  • Detailed view of EarthStraw System mounted with optional 6" Well Cap with Gripper.  Well Cap is also available for 4" casings.
  • EarthStraw System mounted with optional 2" Well Seal with Gripper.  Well Seals are also available for 4", 6", and 8" casings.
  • EarthStraw System mounted with optional 6" Well Seal with Gripper.  Well Seals are also available for 2", 4", and 8" casings.
  • EarthStraw system mount using optional Casing Clamp # ESCC-24-7.  This clamp hangs over and attaches to any "open" well casing down to 2" ID, with a simple twist of the locking tee-bolt.
  • Detailed view of optional Casing Clamp mounting.
  • Installation shown with Mounting Bracket attached to an existing cast iron well seal.
  •  "Tamper-Free" Foam Grip Handle may be easily  removed when not in use and replaced with 3/4" threaded PVC cap.
  • Shown with optional Camo Pump Cover.  Also available in black.
  • Shown with optional Black Pump Cover.  Also available in camo.
  • Shown with standard 2 foot Reinforced-Vinyl Filler Hose. This quick-connect hose is drinking-water-safe and available in 4, 6, and 8 foot lengths.  Requires EarthStraw Tee Release tool # ESTR-075
  • Image 13

Product Description

EarthStraw "Code Red" well hand pump for sale may be custom ordered here by the foot, in any length up to 170 feet. Use the dropdown box to enter the desired length. You will notice that base pricing remains the same for systems up to 30 feet, then a "per-foot" charge will be applied. Your custom length water well hand pump will be scheduled and manufactured to your specifications and lead times can vary.

This well hand pump for sale is complete including a 2 foot filler hose, however you will need to choose the mounting options for your well. For temporary rapid-deployment installations in any "open-well" choose the EarthStraw Casing Clamp (SKU: ESCC-001). For permanent installations of a custom length water well hand pump, there are many simple mounting options in the EarthStraw Accessories Section. These are also reviewed in the EarthStraw Instructional Video below.

EarthStraw custom length water well hand pump is easily the world’s simplest and most versatile hand well pump system. It was invented, engineered and is manufactured in the USA and is designed for rapid deployment.

It may be installed temporarily or permanently…may be stored indefinitely…fits into almost any well without affecting the existing electrical equipment…and the list goes on! The EarthStraw well hand pump for sale is extremely durable, lightweight and portable. As a point of reference, the 150 foot system weighs about 25 lbs. (dry) so that it may easily be carried to the well and installed in minutes…all by one person. If you need to relocate, only a few minutes are needed to uninstall, drain and re-coil it for storage or transport. The shipping and storage carton measures 36” x 36” and will fit into even the most compact car.

The EarthStraw "Code Red" custom length water well hand pump is only 7/8" in diameter, and is flexible, allowing it to snake through small access points, and around obstacles in the well. It will lift water up to 150 feet vertically, so as long as the foot-valve can reach the static water level in any well, it can pump it.

The well hand pump for sale may also be ordered in kits (50 feet, 100 feet, 150 feet, etc.) The ideal system length is "actual well depth minus 10 feet". This locates the foot-valve 10 feet above the bottom of the well to keep the system from pumping bottom-silt. The further your foot-valve is submerged below the water line, the more available water "reservoir" you will have. Also, deeper water is typically more filtered and will likely be cleaner and less susceptible to surface contaminants.

If you are preparing for emergencies and are unsure of your well depth, or which well you will be pumping from, it is best to order a longer system and the EarthStraw Length Adjustment Kit (SKU: ESLA-001). This will allow you to quickly shorten the system if necessary to accommodate a shallower well. The system is not designed to be lengthened.

If you choose to leave it in your well…the pump handle is removable to discourage tampering. We also have black or camouflaged cover bonnets available to make your system discreet.

EarthStraw well hand pump for sale is affordable and will work in almost any well anywhere (and there are 15 million residential wells out there!). Even in colder climates. It has a built in weep so that the water can drop below the frost line after pumping.

Every home would be safer with an EarthStraw. Our well hand pump for sale can produce as much water per minute as the average faucet, and can be easily pumped by a child. One system can supply the water needs for several families.

Lead-times are longer on this series of custom length water well hand pumps. So please order soon. You will be glad you did. There isn’t a better or lower cost way to ensure that you and your family have precious water when you need it!

If you are ordering 10 systems or more, call toll-free, 855-435-6525 for discount information.

Note-Order activity is brisk.  Lead-times are longer on this series.

Click here to download and print installation and length adjustment pdf instructions.



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Product Reviews

  1. Works well, easy to install 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Oct 2018

    I carefully unrolled it and assembled the pump rod and pinched the clip on. Slid the assembly down the well casing and attached it to the well seal. It didn't take much pumping to get the water to come out and it came out with a good flow. The family is pretty happy to now have a back up source of water. They like the idea that it pumps like a tire pump.

    I had this one custom made and it was just a few dollars more than buying the 50' and the shortening kit. This way I had no worries about warranty issues from me modifying it myself. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a manual primary or back up well.

  2. No more needs to be said... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Oct 2015

    Imagine never having to worry about having water again. Extended power outages leave many without the ability bring water into their homes. Not anymore. Earthstraw by Flojak is AMAZING. Super easy to install. I had water pumping from my well in less than 15 minutes. Excellent product. Well worth the money if only for the peace of mind, let alone the cool fresh water coming from my well on demand.

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