Well Seal with Jet Pump

Does Your Well Look Like This?


Well Seal with a Single or Double Pipe Jet Pump

  • Jet pump wells are “above ground” systems which exist almost exclusively in warmer southern climates. Sometimes these are exposed to the elements, and sometimes they are protected in small pump-houses or basements.
  • The water exits through a hole in the well seal. The only weight suspended from the well seal comes from the pipe, the foot-valve, and the water in the pipe.
  • These pipes are often PVC and may be easily cut and re-glued as required to accommodate the installation of a manual well pump.
  • When adding a hand pump to a double pipe jet pump configuration, a third hole is required for well jet pump installation.
  • A FloJak manual well pump installation will require a three-hole well seal. Well seals consist of two round disks which sandwich a flexible rubber donut in the middle.
  • The lower disk is threaded so that when the four bolts on top are tightened, the disks squeeze the donut which expands out against the inside walls of the casing.
  • This locks the seal like a plug inside the jet pump well casing, and locks and seals the pipes in place securely.
  • Well seals come in all common sizes with the appropriately sized holes, and may be purchased at FloJak.com or any plumbing supply house, and most home centers, for under $40.