Our company is nestled in the beautiful Ozark mountain range that runs north into Missouri. It's where we have chosen to operate our business, and live our lives...away from the hustle and noise of busy asphalt. We care about people. Business is more than a way to make a living. It's also about being a good neighbor, and having an impact in the lives of others. The people leading the FloJak organization are all involved in the community...in the lives of others. FloJak has the potential to provide life sustaining water to people who otherwise wouldn't have it. We like that. We like being able to help others in a time of need. We are patriots, inventers, entrepreneurs, artists, technicians and, hopefully...good citizens too! It may be a little surprising to find the range of engineering, technology and production capabilities here in the Arkansas mountain country. Our business includes the manufacture and distribution of both industrial and consumer products. We are also involved in several processes that help make FloJak possible including:

• High-speed, precision machining
• Design engineering
• Plastics machining
• Micro welding/micro-joining
• Metal plating          
• Iron forging                                       
• Production assembly
• Powder coating
• Custom consumer products

Our sister companies  have been in business for decades, and we have a dedicated and experienced leadership team that is committed to quality manufacturing, American innovation and the FloJak brand. Our FloJak hand pumps and pumping concepts provide life sustaining water in emergency conditions, and we sleep well knowing that we play a part in American preparedness. We manage three production facilities here in Arkansas, occupying 130,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space, on 13 grassy acres in the industrial park in Mountain View, Arkansas.

We design, tool, test and produce all of the well pump components on site, from the finest quality domestic raw materials available. The FloJak leadership team is committed to quality and total customer satisfaction. We operate with integrity and prefer to do business with people who have the same commitment.

This team is here to serve you! Contact us anytime. And, thank you for your interest in FloJak.