Dug Well, Artesian Well or Cistern

Does Your Well Look Like This?


Artesian Well, Hand Dug Well or Cistern

  • Most dug wells or large diameter wells are shallow. The challenge of an artesian well pump isn’t pipes or wires or tricky confined spaces. The trick is mounting and pumping.
  • FloJak cistern well hand pump is a perfect solution because it was designed to assemble in 5 foot increments…so you could literally build a 5’, 10’ or 20’ pump for example.
  • An artesian well pump comes with a rugged and highly flexible mounting bracket that provides options for securing your pump.
  • This bracket can flange mount to a post or a wall, and it can hang over a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 piece of lumber which spans the well opening.
  • The FloJak cistern hand pump also comes with a unique "Tee-Handle" pump with a variable stroke capability ranging from a few inches to almost 5 feet. This allows FloJak to adjust to a comfortable pumping position for any operator...so you can pump comfortably even if the pump is recessed into the well. And then it collapses down to about a foot.
  • The Tee-Handle design utilizes upper body strength and weight for pumping, and is ergonomically superior to other designs. This system does not require an additional lever handle accessory until lifting water from more than 50 feet, or developing the extra force needed to pressurize the household water system. 
  • This makes FloJak hand pump water well systems perfect for these types of well situations.