PDF Downloads

Below you will find some helpful documents in a PDF format so that you may download or print them as needed. The information is being updated regularly and can sometimes lack actual product specifications or related well water pump information. If you have specific (or critical) questions regarding Flojak hand pump instructions or EarthStraw assembly please don't hesitate to call FloJak/EarthStraw Customer Care (toll free) at 855-435-6525 (M-F, 8-4:30 Central)


(1) Instruction & Assembly-EarthStraw "Code Red" Installation

(2) EarthStraw "Code Red" Field Shortening Kit Instructions

(3) EarthStraw Field Maintenance and Repair Guide

(4) Instruction & Assembly- Flojak PVC Pump Systems

(5) Instruction & Assembly- Flojak Stainless Steel Pump Systems

(6) FAQ - Page 1

(7) FAQ - Page 2

(8) FloJak Plus Stainless Steel Pump Flyer (side a) 

(9) FloJak Plus Stainless Steel Pump Flyer (side (b)

(10) FloJak PVC Pump Flyer (side a)

(11) FloJak PVC Pump Flyer (side b)

(12) Instructions for MiniJak and SS Handle

(13) Stainless Steel Removable Handle for FloJak PVC Pump

(14) PowerJak Plus Pump Handle

(15) Well Seal