Well Cap with Submersible Pump

Does Your Well Look a Lot Like This? well-cap-with-submersible-2.png

This well configuration is by far the most popular across the country. It is also among the easiest to work with when installing a hand well pump.
  • The blue cap you see here is an example of what is commonly referred to as a “turtle” because of its unique shape. This well cap type has a bump-out which covers a conduit through which the electrical wires for the submersible pump parts travel from the source.
  • Turtles are made from plastic, zinc, aluminum and cast iron. Some have side-bolts which clamp the turtle to the well casing, and some screw from the top, into a ring with threaded holes.
  • The water pipe comes up from the submersible pump and exits through the side-wall of the well casing, underground below the frost line.
  • The pipe exits the casing, through a structural (and removable) elbow called a pitless adaptor, which carries the weight of the pump, the pipe, and the water in the pipe.
  • Well pump pitless adapters vary in size, however there is usually room for a backup hand well pump system to fit in casings which are 4 inches and larger.
  • If FloJak is being installed temporarily using the hanging bracket and well-bonnet, then the turtle is removed to open the well casing. Installation of submersible pump parts is easy and straightforward.
  • For permanent installations, our hand well pumps all have options for sealing the well casing.
  • If a FloJak hand well pump is being installed permanently, then a common well-seal may be used. A well seal is an expandable plug which fits tightly into the top of the well casing while gripping FloJak securely.
  • Well seals are available with multiple holes to accommodate FloJak (1.25” schedule 40) and the wires coming up through the conduit. When using a well seal like the one shown here, the electrical wires loop over and go down through one of the available holes, and are often covered by protective flex conduit.
  • Well seals are available in 4”, 5”, 6” and 8” diameters which fit the ID of the casing. They are available as solid seals or split seals for easy assembly.