Well Seal with Submersible Well Pump

Does Your Well Look Like This?


Well Seal with Submersible Hand Pump

  • Well seals provide a both a seal, and a structural cap. When installing well caps and seals, the seal must carry the weight of the submersible pump, the pipe to the pump and the water in the pipe, all of which is suspended by the cap.
  • Typically, the pump piping comes up through an appropriately sized hole in the seal, into a threaded fitting which sits on top of the hole and serves as a “stop” and a tee or elbow for the pipe going to your tank.
  • Well pump seals consist of two round disks which sandwich a flexible rubber donut in the middle. The lower disk is threaded so that when the four bolts on top are tightened, the disks squeeze the donut which expands out against the inside walls of the casing. This locks the seal like a plug inside the casing, and locks and seals the pipe in place securely.
  • When installing a submersible hand pump, the existing one-hole seal must be replaced with a multi-hole solution. This is to accommodate the submersible hand pump while also suspending the pump.
  • If you are installing one of our submersible well pumps, you will need a two-hole well seal like the one pictured above. This happens to be a split seal which makes installation easier because the seal may be disassembled and wrapped around both the FloJak and the existing pipe.
  • Well seals come in all common sizes with the appropriately sized holes. Submersible well pumps are available for sale for under $40 at FloJak.com, any plumbing supply house, and most home centers.