50 Foot Extension Kit for FloJak PVC and Stainless Pump Systems

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The 50 foot Flojak extension kit includes the pipe and fittings required to add 50 more feet to your FloJak Pump Kit. You may assemble your pump to any length desired, either longer or shorter than the pump kit length. The 50 foot Flojak extension kit has a quantity of 10 5-foot sections of both the large and small diameter pipe-lengths required to extend your pump length. All you need is a good quality, medium bodied PVC cleaner, primer and cement.

The FloJak well hand water pump is warranted to pump depths of 150 feet. While the system is capable of greater lift heights, the effort required to pump increases substantially with greater depths. In testing we put pumps through 100,000 cycles while replicating the forces experienced at 300 feet of lift, and have never had a failure. In emergencies you may need to pump from more than 150 feet. We understand. Doing so will void the factory warranty.

At a minimum, you will need your pump kit to extend to a depth at least 20 feet below the static water level in your well...deeper if possible. To see more on this watch a short video tour of FloJak. If you need more depth to reach static, or if you want to go well beyond static to create available water reserves in the well, the extender kit is what you need.

If the well hand water pump is already installed, then you will need to pull it up and cut your existing pipes somewhere below the 1st 5-foot section, and add the additional piping as required. The addition is easy and requires only a hack-saw and PVC cleaner, primer and adhesive.

International orders, or shipments to Alaska or Hawaii must be quoted via phone. For questions contact Customer Care toll free at 855-4FloJak, 8-4:30 Central, M-F.