EarthStraw "Code Red" System Installation & Length Adjustment PDF

FloJak "Original" PVC Hand Well Pump Instructions PDF

FloJak "Plus" Stainless Steel Hand Well Pump Instructions PDF


This short video highlights one of the most common Flojak installations...a Stainless FloJak manual water well pump permanently installed in a 6" well casing with a well cap and a submersible electric pump. A well seal replaced the well cap and the installation (including pump assembly) took less than an hour. To learn how to install Flojak products, read our water well pump installation instructions or watch a video.


This video is several years old so the product has changed. It details the various steps required to install a 200 foot FloJak "Original" PVC system into an open well with a static water level of 160 feet. The assembly took about an hour. The installation took about 15 minutes.