6 Inch Well Seal For More Permanent Installations in a 6 Inch Casing

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The 6 inch well casing seal can provide a more permanent, sealed mounting solution for your flojak PVC or Stainless pump series. The upper-section of your FloJak is inserted, through the well-seal during assembly. When fully inserted the hanging bracket (included with your pump) will simply rest on top of the well seal, and serves as the mounting bracket for MiniJak or PowerJak Pump Lever attachments. When thinking through clearances in your casing for the pump, keep in mind that the hole for your pump is in the center of the well cap replacement.

Once installed, the well cap replacement will insert into your casing until the round top-plate sits on top of the casing. After it is tightened in place the seal will grip the FloJak upper while also gripping the inside of your well casing.

How Do They Work?

Well-seals are designed with three layers. The top and bottom layers are thick round plates that compress the hard rubber in the middle, when the 4 large bolts are tightened. When squeezed, the rubber section expands tightly against the inside of the casing while also gripping the upper housing of your FloJak, just below the metal hanging bracket. The extra hole may be plugged or used for venting to reduce vacuum as the water is being pumped out of your well.

The 6 inch well casing seal model has a "fit" range of 5.875"-6.25" so that it can accomodate a variety of well-casing inside diameters. Color may vary.

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    Secure Seal

    Published by Kenneth Elkins on 24th Oct 2020

    This cap only allowed for use with the FloJak pump system. Since i was installing it along side an existing electric pump system, it was necessary to drill an 1 1/4" hole with a hole saw halfway between the center hole and the edge of the well cap for the electric pump line. Then I carefully sawed the whole cap and seal assembly in two to fit around the two well lines. This worked perfectly. Both lines are securely in place and tied off with the safety ropes.

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    Time will tell

    Published by Jeffrey Catlin on 8th Aug 2020

    After looking at system in box I had doubts. After reading instructions and calling support I put the system together following instructions carefully Making sure glue joints were secured properly. The end result was a 50' pump system anything longer would have required 4 people to install in well. System works better than anticipated and is very efficient. Time will tell how durable the system is such is the reason for 4 stars will see how things go for the duration.

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    Pump Away !!!!

    Published by Paul JJ Jensen on 15th Nov 2016

    What a stroke of genius !! This product presents a solution to the water problem when the lights go out...Its easy to install into an existing well and easy to pump...Every Homestead should have one............