FloJak Original-50 Foot PVC Pump Kit

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The FloJak Original PVC water pump is an affordable 2" diameter shallow water pump system made from custom special-grade custom-extruded PVC. It is capable of lifting water 50 feet from the static water level in your well.

FloJak PVC water pump utilizes an innovative pumping mechanism to push water up from the submerged end, through a hollow sucker-rod, exiting water through the handle. This hand pump for water is capable of delivering pressurized water into the household plumbing system. This convenience will enable normal flushing, showering and running water at the sink for washing. This feature is accomplished by pumping water through a high-pressure GatorHyde hose which connects from your FloJak PVC water pump to an outdoor faucet (or any other available access point).

The hand pump for water comes with a universal mounting bracket which will secure FloJak PVC water pump to the top of any open well casing 4"or larger. For more permanent installations, a common well seal may be utilized to secure FloJak while accommodating the existing electric pump, and providing a water-tight cap for the well.

FloJak hand pump for water is a unique "Tee-Handle" pump with a variable stroke capability ranging from a few inches to almost 5 feet. This allows the FloJak shallow water pump to instantly adjust to a comfortable pumping position for any operator...short or tall. The Tee-Handle design utilizes upper body strength and weight for pumping, and is ergonomically superior to other designs. This system does not require an additional lever handle accessory until lifting water from more than 50 feet, or developing the extra force needed to pressurize the household water system. The MiniJak is a low cost single-grip lever, which is great for lifting up to 100 feet or pressurizing the bladder tank for running water in your home. The MiniJak bolts easily to the mounting bracket that comes factory-mounted to each FloJak pump.

This shallow water pump system may be assembled to any length in 5 foot increments. It is important that the assembled length extend well below the static water level to provide a good reservoir of available water, protection from draught and cleaner water which is more thouroughly filtered with depth. Additional pipe is available in 50-foot extension kits.

Assembly is not difficult or lengthy, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Allow an hour or so for assembly, 24 hours for the glue-joints to cure, and 30 minutes or so for installation into the well, depending on the length of your system. The Tee-Handle will deliver from 5 to 10 gallons per minute depending on the distance to water, and how hard you want to work! While a MiniJak will make pumping easier, it will shorten the stroke, which also reduces the stroke volume.

FloJak hand pump for water comes from the factory with a weep-hole at about 5' from the top. This will drain the water off after pumping to help avoid damage from freezing. Lower weep holes may be easily added prior to installation to protect your pump in more extreme cold conditions.

The shelf life for FloJak shallow water pumps will easily exceed 20 years. Make certain that you have everything required so that you are prepared when you need water. Be sure to look at the items related to this system, listed on this page to your right. If you have questions or would prefer to have one of our Customer Care folks enter the order for you, call toll free 855-435-6525.